SSCP-PCR & methylmercury hydroxide

zoodr at zoodr at
Tue Nov 15 20:15:20 EST 1994

Hi everyone,

I'm about to start doing some SSCP using the method of Hongyo et al.
(Nucleic Acids Research, 1993, Vol 21, No. 16) which relies on the use
of methylmercury hydroxide as a strong denaturant. I was wondering; (a)
does anyone know of a supplier for this stuff in Australia (I have
tried Sigma, Ajax, Consolidated Chemicals and contacted the Australian
Chemical Industry Council with no luck), (b) does anyone have any
suggestions for an alternative denaturant other than urea or NaOH and
(c) could someone please post the fax number for Johnson Matthey
Electronics, Inc., War Hill, MA (the suppliers cited in the above
paper). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Runciman,
Schools of Zoology/Genetics,
La Trobe University,
e-mail: zoodr at

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