DuPont's new autorad film

Denise Odonnell deniseo at
Tue Nov 15 21:02:10 EST 1994

crouchvw at (Van Wayne Crouch) writes:

>DuPont has a new film on the market called REFLECTION.  It is a blue-tinted

>film but claims not to be slow like the blue-tinted Fugi brand. I would 
>appreciate any feedback from users. thanks 

	I can't say how REFLECTION compares to the Fuji, but...
On very short exposures, no noticeable difference.  I usually have to expose
my EMSA gels (running 5000 clicks/lane) for 2 weeks to get good dark bands.
BTW, you have to use the REFLECTION screen with the film.  I've got about
400 sheets - want some?  Don't ask how I wound up with so much.

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