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Tue Nov 15 16:23:54 EST 1994

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: Dear Netters:

: Does any of you know of expression vectors that release the expressed
: protein in the tissue culture medium and work in mammalian cell lines?
: Or do you know of suitable candidates to be used as fussion proteins
: for construction of such vectors?

  I have just started using secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) in 
transfections of a variety of cell types and it has worked pretty well, 
with a sensitivity nearly as good as luciferase using a luminiscent 
substrate.  I got the vector and detection buffers from Tropix, I think 
that Clontech also sells it (I think they call it "The Great Escape SEAP 
kit", or something equally silly).  So far I like it because I only need 
to use about 0.5 ug/transfection (my cells don't like to overdose on DNA, 
which they were with my B-Gal vector) and get good results. Hope this is 

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