DNA analysis programs (lack of)

Karen Browning kbrowning at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Tue Nov 15 18:26:33 EST 1994

Since a large number of DNA analysis program users are obviously unhappy 
with what is available (myself included, I want PC compatable programs), 
isn't there someone out there who will listen to what the scientists want 
and program it?   I really like Microgenie from Beckman, it is user 
friendly, does very good manipulations of sequence, merges etc., but was 
terminated for some unknown reason (rumor had it that Intellegenetics bought 
it out and deep sixed it).

What we scientists want is a versatile, easy to use program that is 
intuitive for the non-computer expert and does everything for about $500.  
Grant money does not grow on trees.  Here is the challenge, someone out 
there take it.  We will gladly provide you with lists of features that are 

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