QUESTION: Design of DNA hybridization probes

Todd Wareham harold at sanjuan.UVic.CA
Tue Nov 15 15:30:10 EST 1994

I have recently been reading the following book on DNA probes:

Macario, A. J. L. and Conway de Macario, E. (eds.) (1990) GENE PROBES
FOR BACTERIA. Academic Press, Inc.; San Diego. 

I am interested in the sections in this book on the design of DNA probes
for diagnostic tests for bacteria, particularly those design processes 
that derive probes from sequence data. I am also intrigued by assay 
methods, e.g. sandwich hybridization, which require two or more short 
(10 - 50 bp) probes. Can anyone suggest more up-to-date references on 
these topics, as well as DNA probe design in general? Thanks in advance,

- Todd

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