plasmid curing

Shahram Mori smori at
Wed Nov 16 02:25:14 EST 1994

Takashi Hashimoto (hasimoto at wrote:
: A friend of mine is dealing with a thermophilic bacterium that
 assimilates sulfur and contains one cryptic plasmid.
  She wants to study whether the sulfur-assimilating ability is encoded
 on the main genome or in the plasmid and is trying to remove the p
lasmid from the bacterium. 
 She does not have any information
 on the genes on the plasmid (e.g. antibiotic resistance). 
 Does anybody know an efficient way for curing?  Thank you for your help.

: Takashi Hashimoto
: NAIST, Nara, Japan
This is just a comment but I would guess that sulphur assimilation might be
very important to the organism, therefore the idea that this is carried on
a plasmid is a little hard for me to believe.
However it might  be good to try and grow the bacterium in the
absence of sulphur? Just like curing antibiotic resistance. After a few
 grow the organism is the presence S and assay ( somehow ) for S assimilation.
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