SSCP-PCR & methylmercury hydroxide

Dr Stuart Boyer stuartb at
Wed Nov 16 02:08:38 EST 1994

Hi Dave
I have posted this rather than email you but if you want more details you
can email me back. I was trying to get my hands on some methylmercury
hydroxide myself. The details I came up with was this: 
There is Johnson Matthey Australia in most States. The Australia wide
supply manager is Tony MacDonald (613 465 2111 or Fax 613 460 4932).
However, they will tell you that (after much searching) there is none in
Australia. You can place an order with the local people and they will get
it from USA. The product number is 89691. It comes in two volumes 25 ml or
100 ml for get this (A$622.00 or A$2268.00 respectively). You will have to
wait about 6 weeks. If you wish to contact the States the Fax number is
0011 508 521 6350 or phone 521 6300. We have been using a NaOH/Formamide
method which works OK. If you find a local supply that can get MMH cheaper
can you please let me know.

Stuart Boyer PhD
Institute for Child Health Research
Western Australia

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