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We've tried MacDNAsis, Mac VEctor, and Inteligenetics and aren't satisfied
with any. After using Unix you just get used to being able to do certain
things that the MAc and PC programs just don't have. It's as if none of
the programmers have worked in labs lately. Another downer is that these
guys rarely respond to user questions and never incorporate suggestions.
They don't even follow the Macintosh/Window GUI guidelines. In MacVector,
try cutting and pasting a sequence from one file into a search query
dialog box. That couldn't have been more than 100 lines of code to
support. I really wish they would take a Microsoft approach. I think MS
added 600 user requests to Word version 5.1- no wonder it does it all.

We have been using MacVector solidly for 3 years now. Not because it is
great but because it is less annoying then the other two. Mac DNAsis has a
crappy manual and loads of pull down menu's that don't work.
Intelligeneitcs mistakenly thought that paying customers are beta testers,
it never worked- we got a refund.  The Entrez releases are great but
forget about doing any serious homology searches. Luckily Russ Doolittle
is in the next building and he pioneered this stuff. We ask him to run the
serious work for us on his VAX mainframe, a luxury few can take advantage
of. Meanwhile we, the science public, get robbed for $3500 for something
that barely works.

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