dkim at unm.edu dkim at unm.edu
Tue Nov 15 12:20:02 EST 1994

Glass 'beads' were made from a finely crushed
> scintillation vial (i.e high quality glass) by crushing with a pestle
> and mortar. Glass is crushed basically until your wrist feels like
> it's about to fall off...and then some (should behave like cooking
> flour).

I would think an adequate substitute for glass beads would be acid-washed
diatomaceous earth (e.g. Sigma D-5384).  The diatomaceous earth is suspended
in clean sterile water and allowed to settle for a while to get rid of large
particles, then the small stuff is taken off the top for use.

This material is the "resin" used in the Promega "Magic  Miniprep" process.

I have had no trouble with it, but I haven't done the direct comparison with
Geneclean or Wizard.

Daniel Kim

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