PCR with radioactive nucleotides

Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Nov 16 16:52:52 EST 1994

>ROSS at SCI.WFEB.EDU wrote:
>: We have been doing PCR with S35 nucleotides and have just found that
>: the PCR block is heavily contaminated.  The manufacturer of the PCR
>: says that S35 can go through the walls of the tube.  This is a little
>: hard for me to believe.  I wonder if some tubes do not seal properly.
>: In any case,  have other people had this problem and is there any
>: way to avoid this type of contamination??
>:                                       Alonzo Ross
>:                                       Worcester Foundation
>:                                       ROSS at SCI.WFEB.EDU
>I have used 33P-dCTP (DuPont) for my primer extension ( :) ) experiments
>and have not had any major contamination problems (none with the
>thermal cycler).
>Timo Hiltunen
>Univ. of Tampere

This topic was discussed some time ago.

With the tubes we used I can definetly see that S35 DOES go THROUGH the
walls of the thin tubes but P33 does not.  This also aplies to the 96 well
plates for cyclers.

Cheers, Klaus

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