New DNA stain

Klaus Salger salger at
Wed Nov 16 14:54:52 EST 1994

Robert Hindges (hindges at wrote:
: Hi Netters

: Recently I have seen a picture of a agarose gel, where the DNA was stained
: with a substance called SybrGreen. It is not toxic and it only stains the
: DNA, not the gel, therefore it is much nicer to work with than with EtBr. 
: Does anybody knows more about this stain, i.e. where to buy or how much it
: costs?

there was some discussion in this group about SybrGreen some weeks ago.
You may want to look it up on
SybrGreen is sold by Molecular Probes, it's much more expensive than
EtBr and as far as I know there are no data about toxicity.
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