calculating extinction coefficient from protein sequence ???

Marcus Heller heller at
Wed Nov 16 10:21:22 EST 1994


I'm looking for a formula which gives instruction how to calculate an extinction
coefficient for a protein with known sequence for quantification by uv-measurements.

I found an empirical formula in a paper of Scopes et al.,1973 but its just valid for 
proteins with  a mean phe-content of 2.8 . They give a reference how to take into 
account varrying aa-sequences, but I cannot get this paper:

Sober et al.
Appendix for Handbook of Biochemistry
The Chemical Rubber Inc, Ohio

If anyone  knows about this or other articles dealing with the mentioned subject, 
please mail me an answer.

Thank you very much,

from  : T.Oswald                                 
email : oswald at           
National Research Center for Biotechnology     
Brunswick, Germany

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