C-terminal HIS tag/GST/myc fusion proteins

mbxspd at unicorn.nott.ac.uk mbxspd at unicorn.nott.ac.uk
Tue Nov 15 06:41:32 EST 1994

We routinely use ther pRSET/pET vector systems here for the production
and purification of fusion proteins. These vectors obviously both add
the His-tag to the N-terminus of the fusion construct. Does anyone
know whether there exists a vector of a similar type which carries
the tag on the C-terminus???? If so, does anyone have info on whether
it affects post-translational modifications?
We want to express in eukaryotic cells a protein which gets
N-terminally truncated in vivo...we would like to measure the 
production of the protein by taking advantage of the tag. A system
carrying a C-terminal flag would be ideal for us.
Thanx for any info in advance :)

Simon Dawson
Dept. Biochemistry
Queens Medical Centre

Internet email: mbxspd at unicorn.nott.ac.uk

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