DNA analysis programs (lack of)

David F. Bishop Bishop at MSVAX.MSSM.EDU
Wed Nov 16 10:53:24 EST 1994

>Since a large number of DNA analysis program users are obviously unhappy
>with what is available (myself included, I want PC compatable programs),
>isn't there someone out there who will listen to what the scientists want
>and program it?   I really like Microgenie from Beckman, it is user
>friendly, does very good manipulations of sequence, merges etc., but was
>terminated for some unknown reason (rumor had it that Intellegenetics bought
>it out and deep sixed it).
>What we scientists want is a versatile, easy to use program that is
>intuitive for the non-computer expert and does everything for about $500.
>Grant money does not grow on trees.  Here is the challenge, someone out
>there take it.  We will gladly provide you with lists of features that are

I couldn't agree more.  MicroGenie was limited but it's utility in
sequencing projects was unsurpassed and only recently approached by Asembly
Lign (which really should be part of MacVector).  It is amazing that
MacVector can't do multiple protein alignment like GCG's PileUp. The Pustel
programming may be great but it's sequence editor and screen presentation
with all those -Jmp lines truly stinks.

IMHO the first company to make your $500 full service DNA/Protein analysis
program will be the next Microsoft of molecular biology.

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