373 Wizard Miniprep (Promega) for 373A ABI Sequencer

Thomas Newman 22313tcn at ibm.cl.msu.edu
Wed Nov 16 10:13:38 EST 1994

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Dorado) wrote:

> We are experiencing problems with the yield of the 373A Wizard Miniprep
> (Promega) kit for the 373A ABI Sequencer. Typically, yields as low as
> 100 ng pBluescript /1 ml XL-1blue cells.

We use the wizard minipreps (300-400 per week) with a different strain,
DH10B which is known to give higher yields than XL-1 blue.  We found a big
difference in bacterial culture media, and use Macconnell Research
(telephone: 800-466-7949) MR2000 media which is a low protein mdia that
really helped both the quality and quantity of the wizard minipreps.  We
grow our cultures for 24 hours to get optimum yields. 

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