Alternatives to MYC epitope tag

Susan Koester Koester at
Wed Nov 16 20:46:44 EST 1994

In article <199411151958.OAA25698 at> NEAL
MUSTO, nmusto01 at writes:
> Can anyone suggest an alternative to using a MYC epitope as and
> immunological tag. Ideally it should be of a limited sequence, with
> readily available reagents (read antibodies).

I'm using the hemagglutinin antigen which is quite similar to the myc
antigen (eg. short peptide sequence with a readily available
antibody...).  The antibody (a polyclonal) is also available from the
Berkeley antibody company (BABCo).  A useful reference is Kolodziej and
Young (1991) Epitope tagging and protein surveillance. Meth. Enzymology
194: 508-519.

In addition other people use the Large T antigen and there's a
commercially available system called FLAG that lets you (apparently
easily) cleave off the epitope tag should you want it gone in the end. 
Good Luck.

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