Media Formula Question

Mic Chaudoir mic at
Wed Nov 16 16:08:25 EST 1994

Hi there,

I wish to sterile filter media components as I add them to a 500 ml. flask
of DMEM.  However, recipes that I have are for 500 ml. total volume.  If I
add media components (say, 10% FCS) to the 500 ml. volume, the osmolarity
may change.  I remember that there is a formula that allows one to make
these kinds of calculations.... like adding x% volume to 500 ml, use how
much volume for each % ?  I used to use it in another lab that i was in,
but unfonrunately never wrote it in my labbook :-(  If anyone has this
formula, could they please post it here or e-mail it to me ?

mic at

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