DNA analysis programs (lack of)

Mic Chaudoir mic at nwu.edu
Wed Nov 16 16:09:45 EST 1994

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> Since a large number of DNA analysis program users are obviously unhappy 
> with what is available (myself included, I want PC compatable programs), 
> isn't there someone out there who will listen to what the scientists want 
> and program it?   I really like Microgenie from Beckman, it is user 
> friendly, does very good manipulations of sequence, merges etc., but was 
> terminated for some unknown reason (rumor had it that Intellegenetics bought 
> it out and deep sixed it).
> What we scientists want is a versatile, easy to use program that is 
> intuitive for the non-computer expert and does everything for about $500.  
> Grant money does not grow on trees.  Here is the challenge, someone out 
> there take it.  We will gladly provide you with lists of features that are 
> wanted.

Lasergene by DNAstar will do everything you want, and more.  I have seen
the demo, and it is the only program that i would buy.  The others pale in
comparison.  It is pricey, but it is available in Mac and PC forms.  I
called them about a PPC version, but they had nothing to say at the time.

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