Panhandle PCR

Malcolm Moos Jr. moos at
Thu Nov 17 17:21:45 EST 1994

> In article <01HJCPE4CRO28WW3GK at>,
> > We are attempting to use "Panhandle PCR" Jones et al, PCR Methods 2:
> > 197,1993 to walk a DNA stretch.  Does anyone have any experience with 
> > this method or suggestions about possible pitfalls??
> > 
> > Thanks
> > Bob Harrison
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> Bob:  Do yourself a favor, and use the "universal PCR" method for PCR
> walking, rather than panhandle PCR.  Universal PCR is incredibly easy, and
> actually works.  There was a discussion of the method in this newsgroup a
> few months ago.  Consult Sarkar's article in PCR Methods & Applications
> 2:318 (1993) for a description of the method.  He calls it "Restriction
> site PCR".  
> Dick Beeman
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In a similar vein, what about Targeted Invert Repeat Amplification? Needless to say, we will look up the universal PCR reference immediately

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