The Case of the Vanishing Intron

Jim Owens jow at
Thu Nov 17 11:03:05 EST 1994

In article <nouspike.26.2EC2292F at> Thierry Nouspikel,
nouspike at writes:
>BUT with genomic PCR I got:
>- Two bands for patient #1: the expected 605bp band and ~290bp band !!
>- A single short band (~290bp) for patient #2 !!!
>Where did the intron go ??????

Can you get sufficient DNA to do a Southern blot?  It may be that the RNA
has been incorporated into the genomic DNA.  There is some precedent for
this at least in mice in which some strains have an inactive
immunoglobulin-epsilon pseudogene on chromosome 9 which seemed to be a
partial copy of the spliced gene from chromosome 12.

Good luck,

Jim Owens

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