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Thu Nov 17 10:24:16 EST 1994

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>The gel sticks on the plate and when I peel the 
>blotting paper up off the plate, the gel never comes with it! what can I

Silane treatment of the plate may be the answer, but another possibility
is the paper.  We treat the shorter or notched (depending on the gel
apparatus) plate with silane so the gel will tend to stick to the larger
plate when the sandwich is pulled apart.  Thus we transfer to paper from
a non-silanized plate.

The classic paper for this transfer is Whatman 3MM.  It is not the only
one that works.  However, our group tried to save money once and bought a
paper that did not work.  An alternative to paper is a used piece of film
with the emulsion toward the gel (if the emulsion is only on one side). 
The gel does not dry as rapidly on a film and it cannot be put in a gel
drier since the film isn't porous.  But you could air dry the gel on
either paper or used film.  If the gel is tacky, as it will be in high
humidity, use a light dusting of talcum powder to relieve the tackiness.

Good luck,

Jim Owens

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