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>> Hi Netters
>> Recently I have seen a picture of a agarose gel, where the DNA was stained
>> with a substance called SybrGreen. It is not toxic and it only stains the
>> DNA, not the gel, therefore it is much nicer to work with than with EtBr. 
>> Does anybody knows more about this stain, i.e. where to buy or how much it
>> costs?
>Two forms of SYBR Green are availible. SYBR Green I is recommended for DNA
>and SYBR Green II is recommended for single-stranded nucleic acids
>(including RNA). Both can be used with a standard UV transilluminator (300
>nm) but are much more sensitive when used with a 254 nm illuminator
>(typically an epi-illuminator). The manufactuer recommends appropriate
>care be taken while handling the dyes. The dyes are sold by:
>Molecular Probes, Inc.
>4849 Pitchford Avenue
>Eugene, OR 97402-9144
>Voice: (503) 465-8300
>FAX: (503) 344-6504
>My July 1994 price list shows SYBR Green I (Catalogue Number S-7567, 1 ml
>in DMSO) for $195 and SYBR Green II (Catalogue Number S-7568, 1 ml in
>DMSO) for $195). The manufacturer recommends a 1:5000 or 1:10000 dilution
>for staining.In addition, you will need to purchase a green photographic
>filter Catalogue Number S-7569, $29) to photo the gels.
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