Good in situ hybridisation system?

Rod Snowdon Rod.Snowdon at
Thu Nov 17 06:17:30 EST 1994

I am beginning some work which is totally new to me, and would appreciate 
some advice - I hope to use in-situ hybridisation to identify plant 
chromosomes with labelled cDNA markers.  The cytological aspects are no 
problem to me, but I'm a beginner with in-situ methods and don't want to 
waste too much time trialling different in-situ systems.  

I have a flourescence-microscope and am looking for a good flourescence-
labelling/detection kit.  Can anyone recommend systems which work well in 
their hands in standard in-situ experiments?

Any replies (preferably direct via email, but also to this newsgroup) 
will be gratefully accepted.  Many thanks in advance!

Rod Snowdon
Biometrie und Populationsgenetik
Giessen, Germany

email:  rod.snowdon at

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