FLAGged Protein Purification

Seth M Fisher Seth_M_Fisher%notes at sb.com
Thu Nov 17 14:25:52 EST 1994

>Is the chaperonin binding directly to your M2 gel or interacting with
>your recombinant protein?

Based on gel filtration under 'native' conditions chaperonin was not associated 
with the protein I was attempting to purify. I called the manafacturer about 
cross-reactivity of the M2 and they said,' Oh, was it chaperonin?'. So, I think 
this problem is known to them.

> Ihave not used FLAG in bacteria, but have used it effectively in both
>mammalian cells and insect cells. 

I am about to purify a FLAGged protein from yeast and I will let you know how 
it went. I may have to try mammalian or insect cells.

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