sequencing gel fixation

Sasha Kraev bckraev at
Thu Nov 17 12:32:42 EST 1994

We use a "semi-fixing protocol", which is the following:
1.Place the gel in a large tray on a really level surface and pour about
100 ml of the fixing solution over the gel, so that it just covers it. Let stay
for 5 minutes, then slightly tilt the glass, so that the liquid flows off.
2.Repeat with another 100 ml portion, then tilt the gel, let the liquid
flow off, and finally pour over about 200 ml of water, holding the glass at
a small angle. 
3.Stick a piece of Whatmann 3MM paper, peel off the glass and dry as usual
 ( e.g. 80 C, 30-45 min with a good vacuum). 
Even when you are in a hurry, this procedure is just 15 min longer than the
direct drying.

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