ABI 373 DNA sequencer

Dieter Deforce ddeforce at allserv.rug.ac.be
Fri Nov 18 10:43:59 EST 1994

Jacqueline Vanderstappen (jacqueline.vanderstap at agr.kuleuven.ac.be) wrote:
: Hello,

: I have some questions concerning the use of the automated ABI 373 stretch 
: sequencer.

: We've recently bought the upgrade version (34cm WTR). Sometimes we have 
: problems with directly sequencing dsPCR products with the Taq dye terminator 
: kit. It's not a problem of reactions because the sequencing with the same 
: reactions have worked with the previous version of ABI 373 (24cm WTR). Is 
: this a problem of the gel (other concentration) or/and of the running 
: conditions. We now run the samples at 30 W. 
: Is this too high for PCR products?

: We tried to use the Sequenase dye terminator kit for dsPCR products but it 
: didn't work? Is there somebody who has good experience with it? We perform 
: the sequencing directly on double-stranded PCR products.

: Thanks,

: Vander Stappen Jacqueline
: KULeuven
: Laboratory of Gene Technology
: W.deCroylaan 42
: 3001 Heverlee
: Belgium
: e-mail: Jacqueline.Vanderstap at agr.kuleuven.ac.be 

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