Oligos to filters

Steve Schramm sschramm at genpharm.com
Fri Nov 18 18:49:55 EST 1994

REGARDING                Oligos to filters
I'm looking for a way to bind short oligos (15-50bp) by their 5' or 3' most
nucleotide to some type of filter (you tell me). I would then hybridize labelled
cDNAs to this filter and wash as for a Southern. The goal is to have all the 
nucleotides in the oligos (except for the one coupled to the filter) free to
hybridize with the labelled cDNA probe. My question then is does anyone know
what coupling group should be added to the oligos and consequently what filter
chemistry would be used to achieve the desired result. Many thanks in advance.

Steve Schramm
GenPharm International
sschramm at genpharm.com

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