Southern anti-nightmare

Sasha Kraev bckraev at
Fri Nov 18 06:26:18 EST 1994

Hi, netters
The article originally posted by Richard Converse dubbed "southern nightmare"
seems to have created so much response that this deserves to become a FAQ.
Now that we got a fresh FAQ list from Dr.Hengen, one can see it is not there.
I have got several personal responses and sent mine, among them some very
useful pieces of advice. Thank you everyboby. However, in my original post
I wanted to stress that basically I have no problems with background on the
membranes, that looks like "night sky" ( multiple spots of different sizes ).
I only saw it couple of times, when I moved to a different lab and tried to
adjust my habits to new conditions. I believe that the source of this problem
is a particulate matter, that is capable of adsorbing DNA. The best possible
candidate is fine carbon dust, certainly present in abundance in urban areas,
and in laboratory rooms that are not cleaned from top to bottom on a regular
basis. If you are in such an area, you may well need to filter everything,
from hybridization solution to the probe, while in other places this problem
does not exist. Also, it is conceivable, that certain brands of SDS may contain
some carbon particles left over from the purification procedure. 
Best regards,

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