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> Any body has experience of inducing "primer dimerization"? .  I am using
PCR to dectect my 
> insert in CHO cell.  The cell also has the endogenous gene.  Since there
are introns, the length of 
> endogenous gene as I predicted is above 1 kb.  while the length of the 2
exons without intron is 
> less than 300 base.  I need to show that this 300 base band is not
"primer dimerizatin artifact".  
> Somebody told me to add 200ug BSA will help.   Thanx in advance. 
If you know the sequence you're amplifying, why not do a couple of
restriction digests using enzymes that would not cut your primers?
(assuming you have access to software that allows you to do a restriction
site analysis on your sequence).
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