Help! low recovery yeild of geneclean

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Sat Nov 19 18:05:05 EST 1994

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>Dear netters,
>        Geneclean II kit cat. no 1001-400 has been used for three months 
>ago in my laboratory. I and the others two colleaques never get recovery 
>yield more than 30%, mostly 20% and minimum is 5%. I've never examined 
>whether DNA can not bind glassmilk or it can not be eluted from 
>glassmilk. I try to elute in higher temperature (65'c), but I get 
>nothing  better.
>        Would you please suggest some precaution or some tricks in 
>processing with geneclean to make me get better recovery yield.
>        Thanks in advance.
>Wises namwat             email: gscwnw at
>Dep. Microbiology,       Tel.66-02-2461358-74 Ext.4611    
>Fac. Science,
>Mahidol University,
>Bangkok, Thailand.
i have not used gene clean kit for about six years for the simple reason 
that i have found a better alternative: quiagen gel extraction kit. with 
this kit, i typically get greater than 90% yield. although the kit 
suggest that you do not need to use low-melt agarose, i have found that 
the yield is much better with low melt agarose (with regular agarose, 
the yield is approximately 60-80%). good luck with your work.

isaac kim
dept of tumor cell biology
northwestern university

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