milky PAGE gel-what gives??

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Sat Nov 19 16:20:14 EST 1994

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> I'm trying to figure out what's causing my 8% 0.5X TBE PAGE gel to polymerize
> with a slight milkiness in it.  TEMED is one of the last variables untested:
> Anyone know causes of milky gels, I'm tired of futzing with this.

Bottom line at this point is that the milkiness (actually it's more like
opalescence) apparently causes no problems with running or resolution.
Neither the water, nor the pH, nor the 10X TBE stock, nor the TEMED appeared
to be the cause.  It's just as opalescent with 1x TBE, and the pH is right.
Only the amm. per. remains as a possible culprit.  I'll probably switch that,
too, eventually, since PAGE gels really ought to be transparent, in my book.

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