Post-doctoral fellowship for a US national in England?

merlin merlin at
Sun Nov 20 03:51:36 EST 1994

I must apologize in advance for posting this question in the molbio methods
newsgroup -- but I wasn't certain where else anyone would have the necessary
expertise.  I will immediately cancel this article if there are more than a
few isolated protests against this posting.

My question:  Does anyone know of any US or European sources for fellowship
support for a United States national to pursue post doctoral study in England?  
I have arranged a post doctoral appointment working with embryonic stem cells 
and transgenic mice.  It would be nice if I could identify some fellowship 
organizations which support work with these techniques in the general area 
of molecular neurobiology.

It would be very helpful to receive some minimal sketch of relevant program,
name of sponsoring organization, telephone/fax number, address, and deadline.

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