Chemiluminescence and the PhosphorImager?

T. S. Pillay tpillay at
Sun Nov 20 15:28:14 EST 1994

Subject: Chemiluminescence and the PhosphorImager?
From: Tanya Reichert, reichert at
Date: 19 Nov 1994 20:36:56 GMT
In article <3alnl8$gc1 at> Tanya Reichert, reichert at
>Can one detect chemiluminescence with a PhosphorImager? 

The answer is no (in general).  These are two slightly  different
phenomena -  chemiluminescence and phosphorescence luminescence. 
Although both involve the emission of light when an electron returns from
an excited or high energy state to a lower energy level the phosphor in a
phosphorimager requires radiation to cause excitation and
chemiluminescent light cannot excite it.  However, I've heard that one
company (I think Biorad) makes a casette that can be excited by
chemiluminescence but I've heard that it does not work too well. So,
we're  stuck with doing multiple exposures on Xray film for now.

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