Sequencing Gel Fixation

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> >>I've heard that the fixation step (with 10% acetic acid & 10% methanol)
> >can be 
> >>skipped without much difference in the result during the normal Sanger's
> >DNA 
> >>sequencing procedures. Does anyone have any experience or opinion about
> >this?
> >
> >I remember that some people said they had problems in
> >humid environments with unfixed gels, but most seemed
> >to feel that fixing sould be omitted if you're in a hurry.
> > I've not had the nerve yet!
>  Not fixing works best with modified acrylamides like Long Ranger...
> Here at NIH they are trying to decrease the amount of mixed radioactive 
> waste so we use Long Ranger and don't fix. As long as the temp of the gell 
> stays under 50c, the gels look great.
> John
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> National Inst. of Health
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I always used to fix my sequencing gels but recently I have omitted this
step without any problems.

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