Vector sequences?

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Mon Nov 21 12:22:18 EST 1994

Mr TG Downing (g88d4915 at wrote:

> Can anyone tell me where I can access full vector sequences. I'm looking
> for full sequences of "common" vectors like pBR??? etc.

You can get these from many different sources ... but with
Entrez (the network version) I was able to find it with a
couple of clicks, and a few key strokes ...

the accession number is:


To get more info about Entrez, you can send Email to:

info at

There is a CD-ROM version, and a network version.

You can get this GenBank record from Entrez 
in a variety of format, or with the retrieve
Email server (if you don't have Entrez yet!).

Send this querry:

DATALIB genbank
J01749 [acc]


retrieve at

you can send just the word 'help' (without the '')  in the body 
of a message to the same address, to get a help document on how 
to use this server.



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