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>    | I wonder if filters for regular EtBr-UV photography are available at a 
>    | similarly low price from a camera shop.  Our camera rig has two filters
>    | in it - I'm not sure what they are - but they're so old scratched and
>    | smudged that image quality suffers.  Any suggestions?  Paul?
>    Yes. They are Kodak Wratten Gelatin filter No. 2B and No. 23A.
>    -Paul.
> I hate to tell you this: I was just in the camera shop a few days ago
> & thought I would replace our similarly scratched filters, but the
> salesperson told me that Kodak doesn't make a 23A or 22A any more.  He
> seemed to know what he was talking about, & looked it up in the
> catalog as well.  He wasn't able to tell me what I should use instead
> -- any ideas?  I didn't want to just match the color of the filter by
> eye, since I know that different spectral band-pass properties can
> give the same visible color.
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We are using a non-gelatin filter that screws onto the filter threads on
the camera lens.  It is a Tiffen 40.5 mm 15 Deep Yellow filter.  It's made
of glass and doesn't scratch or warp when wet . I highly recommend it. I
think that I got it from IBI or maybe it was from Fotodyne, I don't
remember anymore.


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