Jack M. Bernstein, M.D. Bernstein at WSU-ID.Dayton.OH.US
Mon Nov 21 09:52:09 EST 1994

In article <3aniu7$foo at> lsraj at (paolo de marco) writes:
>From: lsraj at (paolo de marco)
>Date: 20 Nov 1994 13:28:39 -0000

>some time ago (Nov 11th) in article 20208 in this newsgroup Carl Lawyer 
>(clawyer at wrote about the epd = eukariotic promoter database  
>blast at

>now, I am interested in procariotic promoters, but the fact is that

>1st  I can't get in touch with epd  (host unknown)

>2nd  I can't get in touch with Carl Lawyer  (again host unknown)

>3rd  I can't get in touch with deamon at,net which is down as sender
>     in the article

>what's going on ??
>if you read this, C. Lawyer, can you reply, please ?
>can somebody else out there help me ??

>paolo de marco       university of warwick, UK

You will want to get in touch with Carl Lawyer at Southern Illinois University 
School of Medicine. Access it directly, not through this news group. IS this newsgroup and isn't the way to get to SIU. I would try a 
direct mailing to  lawyer at SIU. If you are worried about SIU not existing, 
try PINGing SIUMED.EDU. Computer Sciences on Main Campus at Warwick can help 
you with this. If you are not sure lawyer exists, then FINGER him at SIU. 
Again, ask Computer Sciences for help.

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