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Mon Nov 21 21:05:23 EST 1994

In article <83587870F8DF000A45 at HKUMD1.HKU.HK>, HRMBDKC at HKUMD1.HKU.HK writes:
> I have been unable to find  a source of FIAU. Would some kind soul
> please let me know who will supply it nowadays?
> Bristol Myers and Oclassen do not supply.
> Please reply to HRMBDKC at HKUCC.BITNET
> Thanks in advance
> Kathy Cheah


When we chased this stuff in 1990, the only supplier was Bristol Myers Squibb, 
and it was given out when you filled out a "Statement of Investigator" form.  
It was not listed in their catalogs.  The address was:

Research Chemicals Distribution Center
The Squibb Institute for Medical Research
P.O. Box 4000
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

If that doesn't work, the only person I know of using it is Alan Bradley, 
Baylor Medical College, Houston.  Maybe he can tell you where to source it.
(Sorry, I don't have his full address or contact number).  

I'd be interested to know where to get it from nowadays if you can find out; 
maybe you can post your answers here.



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