Need pIBI76--no longer made

ellenmq at
Mon Nov 21 11:47:44 EST 1994


We have some older constructs in a plasmid vector from IBI called pIBI76 and 
do not have any of the original pIBI76 plasmid as we've moved from another
university and this apparently did not move with us. This vector is an
pEMBL8 (-) derivative.

Although IBI/Kodak still has plasmid maps etc. that they can FAX, I would
like to obtain a small amount of the original plasmid DNA for use as a 
control in an experiment.

If anyone has this plasmid and would be willing to send a bit to me
I would be greatful.

Thank-you very much.

Please respond directly through e-mail to ellenmq at

Ellen M. Quardokus
Indiana University- Bloomingto

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