E.coli natural isolates

christian a geltinger geltinger at gsf.de
Mon Nov 21 13:51:11 EST 1994

Dear netters,

a friend of mine in the bacterial field is looking for addresses of culture 
collections of natural isolates of several bugs like Escherichia ssp., Shigella 
ssp. and Lactobacillus ssp.

Does anybody of the procaryotic world know about such culture collections ?

If so, she would appreciate any replies which should be sent only !!! 
to the e-mail address below (geltinger at gsf.de), not to the newsgroup 
Methods-and-Reagents. Haven+t resubscribed yet. 
Many thanx 
Christian A. Geltinger
Institut fuer klinische Molekularbiologie 
und Tumorgenetik, GSF 
Marchioninistr. 25
81377 Muenchen, Germany
FAX:  xx49/89/7099-500
e-mail: geltinger at gsf.de

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