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Fri Nov 18 19:32:50 EST 1994

Dear all,

I need a system to make in vivo fusions (operon fusions AND protein fusions) 
of a reporter gene (beta-galactosidase, for example) to my target gene,
which is located in a multicopy plasmid.

As far as I know, there is the system   lambda-placMu9 for protein fusions,
and lambda-placMu53 for operon fusions 
(Bremer et al.(1985),J.Bacteriol.162:1092-1099)
and also the mini-Tn5lacZ system.

Please, any comment on this systems will be welcome. We are looking for
the phages, too, so If you, gentle reader, can ship an aliquot to us,
my boss and I will be eternally grateful (at least until I finish my PhD).:O

Since the references are pretty old, I guess there can be some other systems,
maybe more efficient. If you have any information, please, tell us.
(A reference for a recent review on the subject would be useful)

Reports on any experience, bad or worse, will be welcome. ;)



Josefina Enfedaque        josefina at farmacia.ub.es
Dept. de Microbiologia
Facultat de Farmacia, Univ. de Barcelona, Av. Diagonal,643, 08028 Barcelona

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