Prep remains of mummies?

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> Can anyone tell or point me in a direction where I can find out what 
> preperation is required of samples from mummified human remains for 
> sequencing/linking of DNA.
> Many Thanks in advance......
> Steve Tredwell

Your first step should be to do a computer search for the author of many articles
on the subject.  For example, S. Paabo is probably the best known. This should get
you at least started in the right direction.

UI  - 87211855
AU  - Paabo S
TI  - Molecular genetic methods in archaeology. A prospect.
AB  - Molecular biological techniques are described, which make it possible
      to analyze DNA in archaeological materials. These procedures are
      demonstrated in detail on Egyptian mummies (ca. 3300 B.C.). In addition
      to it the author depicts the significance of DNA analysis for the
      discussion of anthropological problems, e.g. the reconstruction of
      ethnohistorical processes.
MH  - Archaeology*
MH  - Cloning, Molecular*
MH  - DNA*
MH  - Genetic Code
MH  - Genetics, Population
MH  - Human
MH  - Support, Non-U.S. Gov't
RN  - 9007-49-2 (DNA)
SO  - Anthropol Anz 1987;45:9-17


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