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Zal Suldan z-suldan at SKI.MSKCC.ORG
Tue Nov 22 14:29:15 EST 1994

I posted a similar request several months ago.... but either I missed any
responses, or there were none... so here goes again but with a new twist.

Does anyone know of any clip-art for molecular biology (like... what do you
use for DNA in your slides???.... I've been known to use drill-bits for
lack of anything better!!!)??

Please send the info to me directly and I will compile the info and maybe
we can add it to the FAQ. Now, I mean ANY place. This could include
companies that sell, FTP archives that have, etc.

The twist:
Additionally, if you have made any pictures/clip art that you feel others
could benefit by, email them on to me and I will try to put them together
into a package so we all can benefit (unfortunately, because I have only
Mac capability, I am limited in what I can process here -- maybe someone
has a better suggestion as to how to do this). I guess the best way to send
them to me would be in the form of a common graphics program such as a GIF,
JPEG, or even anything I could open with Canvas or Photoshop.

Please! Please! This could be a real boon for all of us!


Zal Suldan
Tri-Institutional MD/PhD Program - Department of Cell Biology and Genetics
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center / Cornell University Medical College
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