Carbohydrate against DNA

Tue Nov 22 13:36:57 EST 1994

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Thomas Hiesberger  <hiesi at> wrote:
>I like to purify DNA out of chicken egg yolk. I always end up with a
>stuff that looks and behaves similar to DNA but is not DNA. I think it is
>a carbohydrate. I wonder if somebody could give me an idea how to remove
>this substance. 

>Thomas Hiesberger
>Institute for molecular genetics
>University Vienna

Even if you remove the mystery glop, one non-fertilized egg (=one cell) 
should have only about a pg of DNA in it.  What are you planning to do 
with it?  If you just need chicken DNA, why not consider blood?  Red 
cells are app. 5 exp9 cells/ml, and are nucleated in birds, so one drop 
(say 50 ul) should have several ug of DNA.

If you need the ovum DNA, I guess you should probably throw away the yolk 
and try to find the nucleus, if possible,  I'm not a developmental 
biologist, so I can't tell you how to do this, though.


			Nick Theodorakis
			ntheo at
			Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, MD

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