Hyb-Aid nylon net

dkim at unm.edu dkim at unm.edu
Tue Nov 22 13:37:32 EST 1994

The question was raised whether there was a cheap alternative to the nylon
netting used in Hyb-aid tubes.

You might want to try the nylon netting used for mosquito screens in tents
(I think it's called no-see-um netting in the U.S. outdoor products trade).

This is a very fine soft nylon net, and it must not cost too much.  I'd imagine
that a little washing would be sufficient to make it suitable for hybridization
(that is, residues on the net, as-is, would be a possible source of background
as it leaches out).

Give it a try.  If you make it work, please post your results, and I'll give
it a try here.

Daniel Kim
dkim at triton.unm.edu

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