gst elution

bipin dalmia dalmiabk at
Wed Nov 23 09:28:07 EST 1994

In article <m0r9wz7-0009VxC at> Zal Suldan,
z-suldan at SKI.MSKCC.ORG writes:
>Just to emphasize this....      I did a little titration about a year ago
>with my gst fusion protein and found that as the pH drops, the elution
>the glutathione beads drops significantly. So much so that even an
>pH of only 7.0 gave me 50% elution compared to a pH of 8.5.

do you or anyone else have any data on GST binding to GSH-agarose (or
sepharose) in the presence of urea? i am trying to use some urea (1-2 M)
in my lysis buffer to get more of my gst fusion soluble.


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