More on detecting chemiluminescence

Sasha Kraev bckraev at
Wed Nov 23 03:50:07 EST 1994

Paul, now I see your problem. I guess you can do it with the BW paper in that
way. As for Bio-Max, it's a clear plastic film. I have tried a sample pack
and found it to be most suitable for recording sequencing gels of all kinds.
It is not so much of an advantage for non-critical applications ( like lambda
or plasmid blots ), because of the price. However, with chemiluminescence, it
seems that what you used to pay for the radioactivity, you are now paying for
the substrate. I find that by using higher dilutions of the substrate e.g.1:200
to 1:1000 and a sensitive film, one can achieve adequate results; there is a
great number of possibilities here, so the solution may actually be different
in various situations (e.g. buying an expensive film and saving on the 
substrate). Finally, I am an ardent amateur photographer myself, so if you
want my piece of advice on eliminating grey background from blue-tinted films,
try a colour-correction filter in a nearest photo store ( must be series 80,
i.e. light blue). Cheers, Sasha

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