GST Problems - an idea

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Wed Nov 23 08:38:17 EST 1994

Skimming the recent postings on GST problems, reminded me of the following 
experience which may or may not help some of you.

I was trying to express a 280 kDa fusion in maltose-binding protein, and found I 
had very low levels of fusion protein - not surprising, perhaps :)
Antibody-mapping with abs of known epitope which reacted all along the foreign 
protein and with MBP showed me that I was getting premature termination of 
translation/transcription.  This was resolved by supplementing the media with 
1% glucose and 10 mM Mg sulphate.  The induction temperature was reduced to 
25C and presto!  full-length undegraded protein.  The basic media was standard 
2XTY before supplementation.  I later added 1% glucose routinely to a smaller 
fusion (90 kDa) prep to aid production.
Hope this helps...... ;)

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