Req: Definition of a promoter showing tissue specificity

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Wed Nov 23 15:38:10 EST 1994

Viraj writes :
I was wondering if you knew of references which described situations in
which the 'cell culture may not reflect the true in vivo situation'?

Hi Viraj,
What I mean is the following : During embryogenesis and development, many genes are temporally and 
spatially regulated in the animal tissue(s) or different cell types. This situation can not be 
simulated in cell culture simply because of the lack of many such cell lines or other factors. Here 
is one reference that might be helpful.

The cis acting elements known to regulate c-myc  expression ex vivo are not sufficient for correct 
transcription in vivo.  Lavenu et al., Oncogene, 9(2), 527-36. 1994.

Cheers, Kamal.

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