Altered Sites II Mutagenesis

Colin Rasmussen ras-1 at
Wed Nov 23 12:56:33 EST 1994

In article <Michael_M.48.2ED2DF95 at>,
Michael_M at (Michael J. McLeish) wrote:

> We intend to carry out a series of mutations using this kit, which has come 
> with good recommendations from the net.  It seems the protocol calls for 
> competent cells prepared using rubidium chloride.  Does anyone know why 
> rubidium chloride is necessary?  Is there some advantage over calcium 
> chloride alone?

The RbCl method is supposed to give greater transformation efficiencies. 
Ihave tries them all including the Hanahan methods, electroporation, and
while they all work more or less as advertised I have found that almost
always, the good old CaCl2 method works just fine for standard subcloning,
or after ASites mutagenesis.


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